The 8th TransBioLine Consortium meeting took place in Sitges (Barcelona) on the 11th and 12th of April 2024. This 2-days hybrid meeting of the Consortium members included updates on all the organ Work Packages, discussions on project sustainability as well as scientific sessions.

The meeting started with a welcome from Sashi Ramaiah (Project Leader) and Sophia Samodelov (Project Coordinator), providing a short summary of the main project outcomes since the last consortium meeting and disclosing the meeting objectives. Following this, all organ Work Packages provided an update on their progress and an overview of the achievable end goals and final outcomes by the end of the project. During the afternoon, Estefania Callado disclosed the project-wide update on budget and efforts consumption across partners, followed by updates on project sustainability presented by Sophia Samodelov and Nathalie Bofarull.

The second day was mainly dedicated to science, including the latest news on DILI causality assessment using MetaHeps by Armin Wolf, and an impressive story of miRNA assay development by TAmiRNA from bench to use in clinics from Matthias Hackl. After the coffee-break, all Consortium meeting attendees had the opportunity of hearing about the Urimon study from Johan de Rooij, as an invited as guest speaker to present a large study on miRNAs as health monitoring biomarkers in the general Dutch population. After a short update on project communication, SAB and EAB members provided their feedback, recommendations and suggestions on TransBioLine progress.

This 2-day meeting ended with the reflections from the Executive Committee, highlighting that only 9 months are left until the end of the Project runtime, and team efforts should be focused on continued regulatory interactions, dissemination of project findings and lessons learned, and the establishment of structures and contingency plans for continued access to project outcomes and finalization of select project workloads.

We would like to thank all attendees that actively participated in this meeting, our Project coordinator, Sophia Samodelov, and Synapse team, that organised an insightful meeting.

Next meeting will take place in London on the 23rd and 24th of September 2024.