Scientific Advisory Board

Paul Watkins, UNC
DILI, hepatology, clinical pharmacology, DILIsym
James Dear, Edinburgh University
DILI, hepatology, clinical pharmacology, circulating microRNAs
Patrick Murray, University College Dublin
Nephrology, clinical pharmacology
Elmer Schabel, BfArM
Gastroenterology, hepatology
Chris Leptak, Greenleaf Health, Inc.
Former FDA official on biomarker and diagnostic device utility in clinical trials and drug development
Jacoline Bouvy, NICE
Science policy, health economy
Valentina Strammiello, EPF
EPF Programme Manager

Ethical Advisory Board

Bernard Levin, NYC
Cancer research
Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, Karolinska Institut
Molecular toxicology, pharmacogenetics
Anne Cambon-Thomsen, University Toulouse
Human genetics and ethics