Sara Paciga

Head, Clinical Genetics and Biospecimens. Pfizer
TransBioLine Executive Committee member

What is your/your company current role in TransBioLine?
  • As the head of the BioBank at Pfizer, I have worked to enable the collection and sharing of samples from healthy volunteers in support of several TransBioLine workpackages. I contributed to the development of the guidelines for collection and the documents for recording the transfer and request of samples. Following collection of the samples, our team collated and transferred the samples to Charite, preparing the applicable sample- and subject- associated data files.

    Further, I am a member of the Executive Committee, contributing to strategic oversight of the consortium.

What have you found the most challenging/interesting during the Project?
  • As expected, the impact of the pandemic on timelines and deliverables was the largest challenge. Coming out of the extraordinary time, however, partners in TBL collectively took all action possible to make up for that lost time and maintain commitment to the original deliverables.

What has been your/your company greatest achievement during the Project?
  • I have been impressed with our sustained commitment, even throughout the project extension, to supporting the project. Over time and among times of significant challenge and transition, we and our leadership remained engaged, including from start to finish drove to completion a clinical study dedicated to collecting samples from healthy volunteers to enable safety biomarker research.

What will you keep in your memories on TransBioLine?
  • Having participated in several IMI projects throughout my career, what has most impressed me with TransBioLine is the sustained commitment to delivering on the goals of the project while executing with professionalism. The positive, collaborative engagement and interactions among the consortia members, and the camaraderie of the ExCom, are notable and not to be taken for granted.

  • A specific example of a memorable deliverable is the quality and organization of sample management supporting this project. The adoption of standardized tubes, collection guidelines, data elements, and the subsequent request process is far advanced from what other consortia have achieved.