On the 23rd of February, Sophia Samodelov, TransBioLine Project coordinator, participated in the closing meeting of eTRANSAFE Project “Towards a Quantum leap in drug safety assessment”.

eTRANSAFE (enhancing translational safety assessment through integrative knowledge management) is an IMI Project intended to develop an integrative data infrastructure and innovative computational methods and tools that aim to remarkably improve the efficiency of translational safety assessment approaches during the medicines Discovery pipeline.

Sophia Samodelov, in addition of providing an overview of TransBioLine Project objectives during the plenary session, she mentioned that:

Assuring the sustainability of project outcomes is associated with the biggest financial and legal hurdles, even if addressed at project conception, early strategies implemented during critical process establishment at initiation of the project, and regularly discussed during project runtime.

Our project coordinator also participated in the roundtable “Experiences on sustainability of PPPs” sharing TransBioLine consortium strategy and activities towards the sustainability of the project outputs stressing:

The importance of strategically defining the consortium members and roles, as well as the communication and dissemination activities throughout the Project to support its sustainability.

It has been a unique opportunity to share TransBioLine expertise and learn from other related initiatives sustainability processes. We would like to sincerely thank eTRANSAFE for inviting TransBioLine to its closing meeting.